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Asthma Education

Barton County Memorial Hospital has a new and exciting program aimed at educating and empowering children who have asthma and their families.

We were awarded a 2009 CALM grant from Missouri Foundation for Health to fund our Childhood Asthma Resource Education (CARE) program. This is a FREE program offered to all children in Barton, Cedar and Dade counties who are afflicted with asthma and chronic respiratory illnesses.

Chelle Gardner and Nico Linsteadt have both become Certified Asthma Educators to implement the CARE program. It is their goal to raise the awareness of patients (children and families), health professionals, and the public that asthma is a serious chronic illness and that certain risks can be avoided with education. Chelle and Nico will work in conjunction with your child’s doctor and school nurse to insure proper medication technique and asthma self-management skills along with in-home environmental checks to help to identify triggers for your child.

Asthma can be life threatening, but it can be controlled with proper treatment. Ask yourself: In the past four weeks, due to asthma related symptoms, has your child had difficulty breathing or wheezing due to exercise or at rest? Are they waking at night coughing or missing school? Are they having difficulty performing daily activities, or have had to use their rescue inhaler greater than three times in four weeks? If so, ask your child’s doctor for a referral for asthma education through our CARE program.

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