Barton County Memorial Hospital

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Laboratory Services

BCMH provides a variety of support services to help your physicians provide you the best possible care. Clinical laboratory testing plays a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

Types of Tests

BCMH performs tests that can range from routine checkup tests to look for changes in your health; to tests that help your doctor diagnose a medical condition and plan a treatment; to tests that are used to continually monitor diseases and evaluate treatments.

We offer a wide menu of laboratory testing that is performed at BCMH. The most common tests performed at our laboratory include comprehensive chemistry tests, lipid testing, thyroid testing, and complete blood counts to name a few.

We also provide employee testing for local companies and we are a collection site for Quest Laboratories.

Test Results

Most routine blood tests are reported to your physician on the same day that you come in for testing. This means that results are available to your doctor for review as soon as the reports are issued; reducing the amount of time it takes for you to get your results.

Laboratory Staff

We have a friendly and skilled group of phlebotomists. They provide a valued expertise in collection of samples. Our laboratory is also staffed with eight medical laboratory scientists from our local communities that perform testing on a daily basis. Our highly qualified lab staff treats your procedure or sample with careful precision and quality practices.

Other laboratory staff includes the pathologists on staff at BCMH. They practice at Physician’s Reference Laboratory in Overland Park, KS.