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Radiology - Diagnostic Imaging

BCMH offers a variety of imaging and interventional procedures that provide pictures of soft tissue, internal organs and/or bones to help your physician diagnose an injury or an illness.

Skilled, Licensed Technologists

BCMH's radiologic technologists are highly-skilled and licensed to perform these diagnostic tests. Our staff also includes physicians that are trained to read and interpret the results of the tests.

BCMH technologists hold multiple credentials within each discipline. We regularly exceed the accepted standards for annual training and continuing education.

Courteous Care and Excellent Communication

From routine X-rays to complex MRIs, our staff is dedicated to providing high-quality images, courteous care, and excellent communication, keeping you, your family and your doctor informed every step of the way. Radiologic staff is available 24 hours a day to meet emergency needs.

Imaging services available 24/7

BCMH uses the latest radiologic equipment. We strive to create the safest environment, using techniques and tools to minimize exposure to radiation and radioactive substances.

BMCH Radiology