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Kurt Midyett, M.D. - Endocrinologist

July 16, 2013


Barton County Memorial Hospital is pleased to offer the regular
services of Dr. Kurt Midyett at its Medical One Specialty Clinic.
Dr. Midyett is on staff at the Jacobson & McElliott Diabetes and
Endocrinology Center at St. Lukes Hospital in Kansas City.
Dr. Midyett will see children (of all ages) and adult
As an Endocrinologist, he specializes in the diagnosis
and treatment of:
1)DIABETES (Type I and Type II with a focus on insulin pump
therapy and emerging diabetes management technology)
2)Thyroid disorders
3)Growth and pituitary adnormalities
4)Disorders of Puberty
Dr. Midyett collaborates with Ms. Jillian Richard, FNP, CDE
who will also see patients and their families in the clinic.
Referrals are not needed unless required by your insurance
company.  If you wish more information, please call the Medical
One Clinic at 417 681-5284.