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Proposition 1 - Explaining Property Tax Personal and Real Estate

April 2, 2015

 Only 26% of the people we treat have health care coverage that covers the costs of the care that we provide. The other 74% of care we provide we lose money on, some more than others. This really became a problem since the passing of Affordable care or "Obama care" as it is popularly known as. Actually things have quickly spiraled out of control for us because of these issues. This addresses the question some people have asked of "why have you waited so long to raise the tax levy" well it just happened so quickly....and we couldn't predict that these issues would happen. One thing I will not waver on is my belief, both from what I have seen, and from our customer satisfaction results, that we give the best care around. I am so proud of my fellow coworkers because they treat their patients as though they are family, and many times are indeed family. We live in a close knit community where we all know each other and want the best for one another. So there are no surprises the property tax levy is on both Personal and Real Estate property. The chart that we made available should be used once you add both your personal and real estate property together and then figure it based on that amount. so if your Real Estate property is 100,000 assessed value is taxed at 19% with the new tax amount due of $82.31 and your personal property (Cars, Trucks, Boats, Motors, and Trailers) is 20,000 is taxed at 33% with the new tax amount due of $28.59. That would be $110.90 your total tax going to the hospital for both your personal and real estate property. Or an easier way to roughly figure it is to look at both of your tax statements from last year (personal and real) and take that amount times 4 to give you the new amount. To address the issue of what happens to the tax if the hospital closes or is leased (affiliated) that would be a discussion that would take place at that time with the County Commissioners and the Hospital board if it were closing, and in regards to being leased, that would be in the contract negotiations with the leasing entity with the hospital board and I strongly feel that the board would want to do the will of the people in regards to setting the levy. Remember that no matter what happens there is a tax levy hearing every year, typically in August, and the board decides (with input from the county residents) what that rate will be, the proposition just states what the highest amount can be set at ".43 cents". The hospital board and administration would both like to see our tax revenue changed from property based to sales tax based, but we have to get help from our State legislators on this, Mike Kelley is currently working on having language written up to add to a bill to allow the voters of Barton County to decide that very issue, however it is a long and tedious process. If approved by the voters the property tax would go away and the sales tax would then be implemented. Lunch time is over so if you have any more questions please contact myself my Amy Kirk Neher or Wendy Duvall at the hospital. Thank you all for your consideration. Written By Paul Stebbins, Director of ER