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Sleep Lab and Program Accrededitation

July 31, 2017


Sleep Lab and Program Accreditation

Barton County Memorial Hospital is proud to announce their Sleep Program and Sleep Lab have achieved accreditation with the Accreditation Commission for Healthcare (ACHC). The accreditation process involves detailed inspections of the program’s facility and staff, testing procedures, patient contact and physician training. This accreditation demonstrates commitment to the Sleep Program operating at a level of quality, integrity and effectiveness consistent with national regulations and industry best practices. 
Millions of Americans suffer from various types of sleep disorders. They can experience symptoms such as fatigue, depression, personality changes, irritability, memory loss, decreased concentration, accidents and frequent illnesses, as well as a risk for hypertension, heart disease and stroke. When adequately treated for sleep disorders, people may experience a better quality of life. BCMH is equipped to track and record the parameters for a sleep disorder diagnosis. It is our honor to serve the members of our community.
Accreditation represents the pinnacle of quality care and the tremendous effort on the part of the staff that made this major accomplishment. We are extremely proud of this achievement. For more information regarding our Sleep Program please contact Chad Moore, Director of Cardiopulmonary, at 417-681-5192.