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Top 5% in Patient Satisfaction

April 15, 2014

For the past several years there has been a lot of talk about Patient Satisfaction and HCAHPS scores and how important they are.  We have all worked very hard and Barton County Memorial Hospital has achieved very high scores on our patient satisfaction surveys for a couple of years now.   We have tried to recognize this accomplishment and let our employees and community know that we are one of the best healthcare facilities when it comes to taking care of our patient’s needs; we have now received recognition of this accomplishment from “Healthgrades”.   “Healthgrades” is a company that maintains a website where anyone can look up patient satisfaction and quality of care scores for hospitals and physicians.  They get their information from HCAHPS scores, compile scores based on formulas that give each question a specific rating based on how important each question is to patient satisfaction. 

“Healthgrades” has placed Barton County Memorial Hospital in the top 5% in Patient Satisfaction by awarding us the 2014 “Outstanding Patient Experience Award”.

We have attached the complete report if you would like to read it, 18 pages long but the last 13 pages list hospitals across the country that have scored in the top 15%.  There were 10 Missouri hospitals that were in the top 15%; 7 in the top 5% with no other facilities in the Southwest region reaching this achievement.

To visit the website click here.