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Transparent Pricing

It is the policy of Barton County Memorial Hospital to provide you with the most complete information we have regarding our fees for services that we provide or procedures that we perform.  This information can be provided on an individual basis for items that have been ordered by your physician to enable you to better plan for your medical care. 
We require the following information from you or your physician in order to provide correct and complete information:
1. Current Procedure Terminology (CPT) codes from the most recent information published and maintained by the American Medical Association.
2. The place in which the procedure or service will be provided, for example as an outpatient that comes into our lab, radiology or a therapy department.  Are you having an outpatient surgery or procedure? Were you seen in the Emergency Room?  Will be coming to us for an overnight stay as an inpatient?  Your physician should be able to give you this information.
Many of the services and procedures that we provide are based on the needs of each individual. The more information you can provide to us the more accurate we can be in providing information to you so you can make informed decisions regarding your healthcare purchases. 
Upon request, we will provide a “Procedure Master” which contains estimated fees for procedures that we frequently perform or we will provide a “Charge Master” which is a large document containing our complete fee schedule.
Please keep in mind that these are the fees that we charge and in most cases is not the amount that is actually received for services and procedures.  The actual payment amount that we receive is based on Medicare and Medicaid payment schedules and contracts as well as our reimbursement contracts with many different insurance companies. 
For information contact:
Sheri Righter, Patient Financial Services Director
(417)681-5290 or
Sarah Obert, Credit & Collections Counselor
(417)681-5227 or